Ikaw Nominated For Best Acoustic / Folk / Country Song at NDM Awards

IKAW - a Presence original from the album Only For You (New Sound Of Praise) under Jescom was nominated for Best Acoustic / Folk / Country Song at the NDM Music Awards (Independent Music Awards 2015) which will happen on October 21, 2015 at 6pm in Fisher Mall Hall UGF Activity Center. 

The song was written by Presence songwriter/vocalist Hanna Lictawa who sang our song In Your Loving Arms from the album Let Your Kingdom Come (JOGSGO Collboration Album)  which was written by her sister Jennifer Lictawa. This time the tables have been turned. It was now Jennifer Lictawa who sang Ikaw in the group's latest album.

Ikaw is basically a love song for God. A response to the unfailing love of the Lord. It has a very catchy tune that is suitable for radio play in this age. Some say that it is like a pop love song that one can sing to a loved one. But don't let the sweet lyrics and the cool melody make you think that it is just an ordinary love song. From the heart of the songwriter and the team it is a song of worship unto our God.

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